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Radius Report & Public Notice package requirements can sometimes be hard to interpret but we are here to help. All of our packages come with Cover Pages and A Table of Contents to help explain and list what you are receiving. We also will supply a notice for any special requirements or instructions.  If you have any questions or concerns about your project prior to ordering feel free to use our Contact Page, give us a call or view some of our Frequently Asked Questions below:

At Title Pro Information Systems we have over 30 years experience with Title Services, Radius Reports and Public Notice Packages. We are constantly updating our jurisdiction information to ensure that you get the most accuract and up-to-date product possible.

Each jurisdiction has is own requirements as to what should be included in a Public Notice Package. This information is made available to the general public. Since Title Pro IS is always preparing new Public Notice Packages we are in constant communication with each of these jurisdictions. When the jurisdictions update there requirements we are the first to know.

Once the Public Notice Package is sent to you, you simply submit it to the planning department requesting the information. You do not need to do anything more with the package. All of the necessary information has been included for you in the exact format the jurisdiction has requested. At Title Pro Information Systems, we deliver a complete package. *Some jurisdictions will require you to provide printed and stamped envelopes, Title Pro Information Systems can even label and stamp envelopes for you as an added service. We can also provide the actual mailing of notices (complete with mailing declaration/affidavit) if they are required, such as Alcohol Beverage (ABC) noticing projects.

If for any reason, you are asked by the planning department to provide additional information from the public record, simply notify Title Pro Information Systems and we will immediately accommodate your request.

All information submitted to a Planning Department, which could affect the outcome of a permit approval and must be certified for accuracy. At Title Pro Information Systems Radius Reports and Public Notice Packages are what we do. In fact, several of the largest Title companies in Southern California use Title Pro Information Systems exclusively for their Radius Reports and Public Notice Package needs. The certification of accuracy should be completed by a Real Estate or Title professional. Title Pro Information systems has over thirty years experience in the Title and Public Notice Package business. That is why so many of the Title companies and the various jurisdictions prefer to work with us. They count on our fast, accurate, and professionally certified results.

Radius Reports and Public Notice Packages are used for development applications such as subdivision approval for new construction, or modifications to existing property, and any time a developer or private citizen is required by the planning department to notify the neighbors of the proposed project.

The information necessary for the jurisdiction to notify the neighbors is made available by a Radius Report and Public Notice Package. The radius Reports are the exactly what they sound like; Reports of the subject property with a radius of 300 ft (for example, actual radius size vary depending on the application and the jurisdiction requesting the information) drawn on the Report to identify all of the neighbors within the radius that will require notification.

The Public Notice Package is the manifest of this radius Report in the form of property owner information. This information is gathered from the public records of the County Recorder and County Assesors office, and is organized by property owner and current occupant (both the property owner and the current resident of the property are notified of the pending project). The information is printed (a minimum of) once for the jurisdictions records and a second time to mailing labels for the city to send notifications to the neighbors. These are Radius Reports and Public Notice Packages.